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News Release: 4/7/2020

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April 07, 2020
The ACT/Orbinox family is doing what we can in the fight against Covid19. We are 3D printing head bands and making face shields. Brandon Camp is fitting the face shields that we are making from acrylic paper covers and laminated sheets. Disposable rubberband headbands. Every little bit helps! The first batch will be delivered by Brandon Presley to NMMC hopefully this afternoon. Everyone can do something!
Big credit to Jason Browning here at ACT for actually finding this and suggesting we do it. I got right on it when you mentioned it.
Little addendum from earlier...
Guys I know there will be a huge demand for these... If you have a 3D printer and I show you where to download the files and tell you what we are doing to make the shields etc. I can only print 1(one) of these every 2 (two) hours..and I have to be here to start another one... So I cant make huge production runs.. These are good band-aids until someone can mass produce them. If someone has access to an injection molding machine maybe we can work on a die from this design.... Please be patient. I am going to take care of our immediate close by facilities with what we can produce and we will make more until I cant find materials anymore.... If you want to help and have some machines to 3D print contact me 662-315-1614. I am also not charging or taking any payment for these.. They are free to health care workers only and I am going through the proper channels to make sure they get in the correct hands...